Kenya Youth Against Gender based violence

Kenya Youths Against Gender Violence Programme is a community-based organization founded as a Non-Governmental, non-partisan, non-profit making organization tailored to empower, rescue women, children and the community from any form of Gender-based violence. It was formed as a result of Young people wanting to empower the community through training, role plays and through focus group discussions.

The organization sets its ways in which the community, international volunteers, private sectors, the public and other Non-Government organization can work and partner together in a positive and open relationship with a view to alleviate human suffering and enhance self-sufficiency among the needy and vulnerable members of the community.

We have been working on the ground to alleviate human crisis - in slums, IDP (internally displaced persons) camps, churches, schools, orphanages, community centre’s, medical camps, hospitals, rehabilitation centre and the homes of HIV/AIDS patients through various projects.

K.Y.A.G.V.P is a true grassroots organization comprising of men and women in touch with the reality of the impact of HIV on individuals, families and communities and also other issues affecting the community in Nakuru County i.e. Gender violence, HIV/AIDs, sanitary pads for school girls disadvantage women , disaster response and management, peace &conflicts resolution, child Rights and protection (including the rights of orphans, street children and other vulnerable children) , orphanage care and support, sexual abuse and rape management, fight against FGM, drugs and substance among the youth, environmental conservation, improving the informal settlements, Youth empowerment amongst others.

In our duration of existence, we have successfully tackled the above problems in the schools, colleges, IDPs, churches, orphanages, rehabilitation Centre, and homes of HIV/AIDs patients, hospitals and the greater community.  Our success has been majority been evaluated by participants, stakeholders, provincial administrations and severally, we have been called to have a repeat of the same activities and training.  


Our Vision is to provide a stable and supporting environment for the vulnerable through the provision of facilities, education and activities, which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.  


To deliver, and facilitate the delivery of, quality social services to the community in a focused, efficient and effective manner through a participatory and collaborative approach.


  1. Transparency and accountability to the community we are serving.
  2. Quality service to the community
  • Gender Equality
  1. Teamwork
  2. Partnership and Networking


  1. Advocating for the rights of Orphans, vulnerable and Children (OVC).
  2. To create awareness of HIV/AIDS to the schools, colleges, Universities and the General Public.
  3. Reduce HIV/AIDS prevalence by fighting against Gender-based violence.
  4. Committed to education and counselling of youth on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and drug substance abuse.
  5. Advocating and sensitizing the community on Peace and reconciliation and Human         and better protection of their Rights 
  6. Providing Nutrition to Patients who are under Home Based Care in marginalized areas in Nakuru County. 
  7. Provision of Sanitary Towels to school girls and disadvantage women, 
  8. Conducting Civic Education and good governance to the Kenyan Society. 
  9. To organize medical camps with local and International Doctors in order to improve better health care.
  10. Improve the informal settlements in the marginalized areas of Nakuru County.
  11. To seek funding, sponsorship and other assistance from national and international Volunteers, other non-governmental organizations, well-wishers, donors, corporations, in order to support and promote the objectives, mission and projects of the organization

Main Projects 

  1. Child Rights and orphanage Care.
  2. Distribution sanitary Towels to school Girls
  3. HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, care and treatment
  4. Peace and conflict resolution
  5. Medical and Community Health Care
  6. Evangelism and outreaches
  7. Nutrition & Agriculture Project
  8. Environmental Conservation and disaster response
  9. Youth and Women empowerment
  10. Water and sanitation


  • Visiting primary schools, children’s homes, high schools, youth organizations and colleges for sensitization and addressing the issues that affect them e.g. HIV/AIDS, peace and reconciliation, child rights and protection among others.
  • Door-to-door outreaches and organizing Medical health Camps to the community for treatment.
  • Conducting workshops and seminars to the community centres, social halls, schools and colleges on issues that affect them.
  • Creation, production and distribution of Information, Education and Communication materials
  • Community counselling, Youth empowerment and awareness on issues that affect them
  • Provision of nutrition supplements and medicines to HIV/AIDS patients in order to extend and optimize the quality of life for HIV- infected clients and their families throughout the continuum of illness through the provision of clinical, psychological, spiritual, social and preventive services.
  • Provision of Sanitary Towels to Schools girls and disadvantage women. 


a). Advocating for Child Rights and Child Protection 

Following the widespread of reported cases at our rescue desk relating to children’s rights being violated, it was necessary to have a component specifically addressing this issue. Advocacy to the community through holistic training on Early Childhood Growth Development in relation to community participation has been widely practised to cub these incidences of child neglect, child labour, child prostitution and every form of child abuse. 

b).  Community awareness programme.

This programme has been sensitizing the community on the activities and the issues that we address e.g. Rape, Sodomy, HIV/AIDS, and Defilement, Child abuse, Domestic violence, Child Rights and Child protection.

 c). Training and Workshops programme

The programme conducts training on gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS, HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC), Adherence, Child Right and Protection, Capacity Building to Youth Groups, fight against Drugs and Substance Abuse among others.

d). Gender violence and Female Genital Mutilation Rescue programme

The team is involved in finding victims of Gender-Based Violence and Female Genital Mutilation and rescuing them addressing the most urgent to the list urgent in the identified incident.

e). Gender club programme

This programme is in charge of creation and overseeing the running of the gender clubs in institutions, Schools, Colleges University and the community.

f). Nutrition programme

We manage a nutrition centre in Nakuru Town where it has managed to plant vegetables like (kales), Spinach, and Cabbages. This programme has been feeding over 200 HIV/AIDS patients and this has greatly changed their lives.

g) HIV/AIDS care and Women support group programme

The objective of this programme is to reduce mortality rates, stigma and

Discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS, and to provide quality care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS. This plan addresses all aspects of prevention, care and support in a cohesive and accurate manner. It also seeks to mitigate the social and economic impact of HIV/AIDS in the community. This project also support and empower widows infected with HIV/AIDS by providing them with nutrition support and skills in order to reduce stigma and discrimination among them and encourage them to become self-sustaining.

Achievements of Kenya Youth Against Gender Violence Programme.


KYAGV.P has had a range of training for various groups and organizations especially from NGO’s, religious organizations, colleges and schools.

KYAGV.P has trained over 5000 people on issues of child rights and protection, gender-based violence, HIV/AIDs, sexual abuse and rape management, disaster preparedness and response, stress management, environmental conservation among others.

(a) 2009 to date: HIV Testing and Counseling

Through the National AIDs and STI Control program we have been able to conduct several VCT testing in Nakuru County

(b)2010 to date Colleges and Schools Programmes

We have held Training on Child rights, Education, Health, Motivational talks, provision of sanitary pads to marginalized schools, counselling to various groups, colleges and schools in Nakuru and Kericho Districts Namely Kericho High School, Njoro Day Sec. School, Menengai Institute of Medical Sciences etc.

2.Nutrition Centre for People Living with HIV/AIDS

KYAGV.P has managed to open a nutrition centre in Kiamunyi area in Nakuru District.  We have managed to plant vegetables like Kales, tomatoes and onions, tomatoes, Spinach, Managu and cabbages. This programme has been feeding over 200 HIV/AIDs patients and this has greatly improved their health.

3.Gender violence crisis desk. 

In this desk, we have managed to rescue and receive over 100 cases every month of gender-based violence, rape and sexual abuse.