Once you have registered with us (and indicated your preferred programme, start date and duration of stay), we will: 

  1. Send you more information about your preferred programme including the name of the programme, your job description and the email address of the relevant programme manager (or the member of Youths Organization management that oversees your programme) so that you can ask any questions that you have about the programme.
  2. Send you the email address of a member of your host family so that you can contact your host family before you arrive and ask them any questions that you have about your home stay.
  3. If possible, give you the email address of the other volunteers that you are living with at your home stay so that you can touch base with the people that you are sharing your experience with (we will need permission from the other volunteers before we give you their email addresses).
  4. Send you our Kenya Information Booklet (this booklet sets out everything that you need to know about Kenya).
  5. Give you the contact details of a member of our Volunteers Committee (see the Quality Control Section above) in case you have any questions that you want to ask one of our previous volunteers.