Makongeni health Centre is a community hospital which is located at the community area where majority of the population are low income earners and slum dwellers. It is funded by the government to help reach the needs of local community.  Kefah (Director of CTD) with the hospital’s manageress & CTD trained social workers


  • Medical training/social work
  • Above 18 years
  • Good Conduct [UK disclosure or PVG] 

Activities volunteer will be involved in

  • Nutrition area 
  • Reception desk 
  • Laboratory area 
  • Field work 
  • Account area 
  • Pharmacy area/room 
  • Opticians 
  • ENT


Community Medical Outreach 

In the outreach work, the volunteers are involved in medical camps where the community is educated on hygiene, checked on blood pressure, sugar level, eye checkup, dental checkup, nutrition education, Family Planning, STD and HIV testing and Counselling.