Welcome To Volunteers Kenya

Youths Organization for International Volunteers is a non-governmental, nonpartisan and nonprofit making organization. Its goal is to offer services to the Kenyan community, through volunteering, that target and address the most serious issues affecting our community: HIV/AIDS, health care (Nursing & Community Health) and nutrition, environmental conservation, child rights (including the rights of orphans, street children and other vulnerable children), gender-based violence, sustainable agriculture, home-based care, teaching and training amongst others. Youths Organization is a true grassroots organization. We work on the ground across Kenya to alleviate human crisis - in slums, IDP (internally displaced persons) camps, churches, schools, orphanages, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and the homes of HIV/AIDS patients.


The hospital is government funded which is at the heart of Maasai Community in Isinya sub-county Kajiado County. The hospital performs the following functions:-

  1. Antenatal
  2. Antiretroviral Therapy
  3. Comprehensive emergency Obstetric care
  4. Curative inpatient services
  5. Curative outpatient Services
  6. Family Planning
  7. Growth Monitoring and promotion
  8. Home-based care
  9. Immunization
  10. Integrated Management of childhood illnesses
  11. Rural Health Training Centre 

The volunteers with medical health or social work related background shall be involved in a number of the above services including outreach activities in the communities.


This a community-based hospital targeting most at risk HIV population including truck drivers, prostitutes along the busy Mombasa road and southern trans national highway crossing all through to South Africa.

Services at Mlolongo dispensary

  • Outpatients services
  • HIV/AIDS testing
  • Mother to child HIV prevention
  • Immunization
  • Family planning
  • Counseling the sex workers
  • Antenatal clinic
  • Growth & monitoring promotion
  • Antiviral therapy
  • Tuberculosis treatment
  • Community outreach 

Duties of volunteers

  • Support in a movement of the patient within the facility
  • Assist in cashier desk
  • Working in the lab
  • Working in pharmacy
  • Counseling sex-workers
  • Help in community outreach
  • Help in organizing medical camps


  • Orphanage Support
  • Agriculture