KYAGVP offers a number of special volunteer training programmes that volunteers can participate in during their stay in Nakuru. These training programmes are short term and are only offered at certain times during the month and may have limited space (so are subject to availability). Generally, they occur once a month in 3 locations and last 4-5 days. The training occurs in rural areas where access to education is very limited. Depending on your length of stay, these programmes may either be carried out in addition to another programme or enrolled in on a stand-alone basis. 

These training programmes are: 

  1. the Youth Empowerment, Training and Counselling Programme; and
  2. the Disaster Management Training Programme.

You will partner with KYAGVP to help administer this training. The Youth Empowerment, Training and Counselling Programme is aimed at empowering youth through skills creation and job training in the areas of entrepreneurship, capacity building, conflict resolution, leadership, and counseling. The Disaster Management Training Programme includes training on disaster relief and disaster preparedness, including prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for floods and other natural disasters.