Youths Organization partners with the crisis desk at the Anglican Church of Kenya (Thika district). The crisis desk was established by the District Commissioner of Nakuru in 2008 to provide post domestic violence and rape counseling to women and children, with the goal of reducing the physical and emotional devastation caused by such crimes.

Sexual and domestic violence is increasingly prevalent in Kenya. Police statistics show that more than 2800 cases of rape were reported in 2004, an increase of 500 cases from the previous year. Furthermore, a demographic health survey carried out by the Kenyan Ministry of Planning in 2003 revealed that at least half of all Kenyan women over the age of 15 have experienced either sexual or domestic violence (close family members are frequently among the perpetrators). As a volunteer, you will work with local volunteers to combat this serious issue.

As part of working at the A.C.K. crisis desk, your duties will vary but may include:

  1. attending a one-day training course;
  2. victim counseling (between 7 and 10 complaints are made each day);
  3. corroboration with Chief Kaptembwo (the government official in Nakuru responsible for the crisis desk); and
  4. filing complaints with the local police.