We partner with local orphanages in Nakuru, giving you the opportunity to volunteer with orphans, street children and other vulnerable children from around the district.

Your duties at the orphanage you volunteer with will vary but may include:

  1. Teaching;
  2. Counseling and life skills training;
  3. Arts and craft;
  4. Music;
  5. Sports, recreation and playing with the children;
  6. Preparing and serving meals;
  7. On-site building, repairs and maintenance; and
  8. Gardening etc.

As education is a basic need of the community, one of the most important aspects of your volunteer placement in an orphanage will be teaching children. In doing so, you will be helping to reduce illiteracy in the area (many pupils in Nakuru do not have access to proper education due to a shortage of teachers). Because many of the children are also street children who have not grown up with positive role models, you may also be involved in teaching general life skills to the children.

As well as housing orphans, street children, and other vulnerable children, orphanages try to be as self-sustaining as possible and must keep livestock (such as cattle, chickens, and goats) and maintain a garden to provide food for the children. For this reason, your duties may include work with both livestock and in the garden.