As noted above, Youths Organization has a garden in Thika district that acts as a food distribution base to HIV/AIDS patients under the HIV/AIDS Programme. The garden is situated in the fertile and green Kiamunyi countryside and currently produces vegetables like kale, tomatoes, spinach, maize, and local Kenyan vegetables. This programme also employs a full-time gardener.

As a volunteer on this programme, your duties will vary but may include:

  1. planting and harvesting vegetables;
  2. weeding and maintaining the garden;
  3. assisting with irrigation and drainage;
  4. fertilizing and spraying; and
  5. expansion of the garden (where funds permit).

Like many of the other programmes, volunteers must also be prepared to display a fair amount of initiative in their day to day activities. Local staff will appreciate any input and knowledge that volunteers have to offer. However, prior experience in commercial gardening is not necessary.