Youths Organization co-operates and partners with the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation to provide Nursing & Medical placements within local hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, and health care centers. For example, you may volunteer with Family Health Care or Nakuru Municipal Health Centre. 
Volunteers who wish to take part in this programme must be licensed medical practitioners such as registered nurses, doctors, physicians assistants and LPNs (licensed nurse practitioners) etc. You will need to provide suitable documentation as proof of your qualification upon arrival. Volunteers must also be prepared to display a fair amount of initiative in their day to day activities given that volunteers may sometimes have more formal and up-to-date training than local staff. 
As the volunteer works with local health care practitioners, they will learn about Kenyan health care issues including medical care treatments that are specific to the Kenyan population.

Your duties will vary but may include: 

  • Work with health professionals and community health care workers to fight diseases such as TB, HIV/AIDS, and cancer;
  • Nursing& patient care;
  • Training and mentoring local health care workers on medical issues; and
  • Educating patients on healthy lifestyles and life practices.