The Maasai tribes of Tanzania and Kenya, “warriors” are guardians of the people who protect the cattle, on which so much of their life depends, from lions and other predators. The honor of being a warrior comes with many duties, trials, and challenges. With striking photography, traditional dress and artifacts, stories, songs and a little bit of traditional dance, Tanzanian Maasai Warrior Isaya Oleporuo bring students into the world of his tribesmen. They will learn about the roles of children, warriors, women and elders, about driving and protecting the herd and about rain dances and other ceremonies and traditions. For the Maasai, arts are very much woven into the fabric of everyday life, from the symbolism of their tattoos and clothing to the beads they make and sell, to the songs they use in herding, and the dances they use in their ceremonial celebrations. Isaya shows students not only the culture but also the place of the arts in daily Maasai life.