komorocks shrineTravelling eastwards from the city of Nairobi, one soon enters the expansive heart of Ukambani; the traditional homeland of the Akamba People. The peaceful plains and occasional hills of this land are indeed a welcome sight after a stay in the busy bustle of Nairobi. Heading towards Kangundo, one soon begins to see rocky hills to the left and right. And it is one of these hills, some 50kms from Nairobi that has become over the last few years a special place of prayers, retreat and penance. For it is here on the Komarock Hill that the Akamba People have welcomed Mary and her Son, Jesus into their homeland and into their hearts.

From ancient times, Komarock was always referred as a sacred place. Elders would journey there, climbing to the western side of the rock to offer sacrifice at the Ithembo (the designated place for traditional offerings), praying for rain and protection from diseases. Often, the old folk say, their petitions would be answered, thus fostering the belief amongst the people that an unknown power resided there on the mount 

 Legend has it that Komarock is a distortion of the Kikamba phrase ‘komaloko’. This in the Kamba language means ‘sleep’ it is said that in the old days, girls and women going to fetch firewood and gather fruits and bird’s eggs on this hill used to find a mysterious woman sitting on a rock, holding a baby in her arms, rocking it gently and singing to it a lullaby.

e shrine at Komarock near Tala in the Catholic diocese of Machakos was built to foster devotion to Our Lady. No authentic miracles or bodily cures have been recorded at Komarock, although several persons claim bodily cures have been recorded at Komarock, although several persons claim boldly and spiritual favours after visiting and reciting rosary there. 

 Though some claim to have seen Our Lady there no proof has yet been provided. Komarock Shrine was chosen as a shrine because it is an isolated place, where you can spend time in prayer without being disturbed by the hustle and noise of the world. The hill is said to be a place of prayer for anyone who wants to spend some time alone with God.