Kenya is a diverse country. The landscape ranges from grasslands to large cities. The climate varies from tropical to arid. Economically, most Kenyans are either very rich or very poor. But no matter where or how they live, Kenyans need to know Christ. Discover how you can make Christ known to the people of Kenya through church, community development, education, medical ministries, and more!
We exists out of obedience to The Great Commission: to go and make disciples of all nations. Because we are indigenously led, we have access to areas and people groups that traditional organizations have been historically unable to reach, Lifeway has paved a way, where there are no roads, for the Gospel to be heard and experienced in the deserts of Kenya and beyond, amongst nomadic and unreached people groups.
Youth Organization for international Volunteers developed a Mission department which handles Christian Missionaries, Volunteers, churches, Individuals, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Private Sectors and Public Sectors, though without consideration of particular denomination. We are here to support your mission goals and make your dreams a reality.
We are engineered towards a historic, educative and social exposure that enlightens our clientele on East Africa's rich flora and fauna. Our commitment in offering excellent service delivery not only assures our clientele of delightful experiences but also value for their money.