church missions

Heavens Gate Assembly is non political and non profit making body that is fully registered with the government of Kenya

and aims to reach out to the community through evangelism, church planting and community development.
Our programs are sponsored by volunteers and well wishers and this goes a long way in helping us to fulfill our vision which we do a step 

at a time according to the available resources.
some of the ongoing programs include children ministry, here we target those who have challenges in matters of school fees and proper 

meals. we also do outdoor evangelism where we are able to reach out to people at their convenient locations and we do this through 

live music and giving out pamphlets. We conduct counseling sessions free of charge to the members of the community who really 

need it and we have witnessed many  people that have benefited from this and it gives us an encouragement to keep doing 

what we do. Some other projects that we run in church include bible study, we also  conduct short courses that helps us to  mold leaders who later on assist us in the ministry through what they learn.
we have rented a premise that we use to carry out our activities and it doubles as a prayer center which is open to all Christians 

irrespective of the church they go to.

Through this we have been able to form a pastors fellowship that brings pastors together therefore giving us a platform of empowering

 pastors through training's and communion.
Sunday: break fast 7:8am

service 8am to  noon. These will be two services.

1pm is lunch and the rest of the day is for relaxing plus any extra meeting that could have been planned by the church.

Monday:- breakfast 8-9 planning meeting where we lay out the projection for the week.9-11

Lunch break 12-2pm after 2pm its shopping and other personal activities.

Tuesday:- breakfast 8-9am

Bible study class bet 10-11

Lunch hour service 12:45- 13:45pm

Wednesday:- breakfast 8-9am

Devotion 10-11pm

Lunch hour meeting 12:45 to 13:45pm

Thursday:-breakfast 8-9am

Devotion 1O-11pm

Lunch hour meeting 12:45 to 13:45pm rehabilitation center

Session 3-4pm

Friday:-breakfast 8-9am

Devotion 10-11pm

Lunch hour meeting 12:45 to 13:45pm

Open air meetings bet 4-6pm


Saturday is a fun day