Jishinde Ushinde Initiative is a community-based organization founded as a non-governmental organization, tailored to   empower, rescue women, children and the community from any   form of drugs and psychoactive substances effects. It was formed as a result of young people wanting to empower the community through hand no skills empowerment, awareness  on  drugs and alcohol, role plays  and crime cases reduction.

The organization sets its ways  in which  the  community international volunteers, private sector public and other Non-governmental organization can  work and partner together in  a positive  and  open  relationship with a  view to  alleviate  human suffering  and  enhance self-sufficiency  among  the  needy  and   vulnerable  members  of   the  community.

We have been working on  the grounds to  alleviate human suffering on drugs and alcohol in slum sector, churches ,schools and  orphanages through various projects.

Jishinde Ushinde Initiative is a grassroots  organization comprising of  men women in  touch with the reality on prevention and  treatment measures of  drugs and substances on  individuals,famillies and communities .Also some other  issues affecting Kiambu localities i.e. drugs  and  substances  among  the  youths,orphanges care and support, child rights and protect (street children and other vulnerable  children),environmental conversation ,youths empowerment,HIV/AIDS into relation with drugs and crime  cases.

In our duration of existence, we have successfully tackled the above problems in the schools, churches, orphanages and greater community.

Our success has been majority evaluated by participants, stakeholders and  severally have been called to have  a repeat of the same  activities  and trainings.