pastoral internship program in kenya

Kenya is predominantly a Christian nation and mostly consists of mainstream churches and Pentecostal churches.

The most common Mainstream churches include: -The Anglican

  • Presbyterian
  • Catholic
  • Methodist

Both mainstream and Pentecostal churches work together to achieve a common goal which is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastoral internship/worship/evangelism

In pastoral internship an intern will work with local churches leadership and assist in raising the standards of our leaders and members as well, hence giving him or her a hands on experience based on their area of focus. Since some of our churches especially the Pentecostal churches are under the leadership of laymen who are not fully trained in theology, there will be a lot of need for help with their congregations and also the empowerment of these leaders. An intern will also help to structure good and effective leadership method and also church growth schemes that would suit our community set up (based on the interaction with our local community and understands their culture and lifestyle)

They can come up with empowerment program or trainings that would help most of our church leaders and they can later develop to learning institutions with time. The areas that are in need include helping with praise and worship, church planting evangelism and missions, educational ministry, youth and family, pastoral care etc.

Intern’s duties will vary but may include:

  1. Ministry in slums, the churches, schools and villages,
  2. Conducting bible studies and bible clubs,
  3. Taking part in gospel ministry,
  4. Delivering messages to church congregations.
  5. Mentoring church workers.