marketing internshipMarketing is the broad spectrum of actions related to promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Whether you’re tasked with enticing consumers to purchase one product over another, nurturing relationships with existing customers, or  otherwise communicating with potential leads to understand their needs and wants, marketing offers exciting and dynamic career prospects. Undertaking one of YOIV-K Internship’s marketing internships can jump-start your employability in the field.

One of the greatest motivations that attract people to the marketing industry is the prestige that is often associated with working for some of the biggest, most recognizable brands. YOIV-K Internship provides marketing internships at world-class companies in global capitals. Whether your interest relates to the generation of marketing strategy, 
business communication, business development, or sales, YOIV-K Internship’s marketing internships offer real-world experience and the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge.
Our marketing internships will enable you to learn about branding, handling accounts, and implementing strategy through the use of traditional marketing campaigns as well as evolving media. As a marketing intern, you will write press releases, harness social media, or be a part of event marketing. This will teach you how to execute marketing campaigns and help manage the deadlines, budgets, and communication needed to satisfy your client’s needs.

YOIV-K Internship offers marketing internships in event management, traditional marketing firms, and advertising firms with both local and international brands. If you are organized and have excellent communication skills, then consider applying for one of our marketing internships today!