Roles and responsibilities;

  1. a) Assisting in building corporate relationships
  2. b) Assisting in developing content on topical issues for uploading into the ministry website 
  3. c) Information Education and communication materials and undertaking media monitoring 
  4. d) Assisting in maintaining public relations records and documents 
  5. e) participate in event organization.

6) Kenya wildlife and eco-tourism  

The Kenya wildlife and Eco volunteering program is tailored for individuals to gain practical experience in the field of ecological conservation and primate. The scope of Kenya’s many National Game parks is vast, encompassing some amazing natural landscapes and flora and fauna, including endangered species

Roles and Responsibilities;

  • Monitor threatened spices such as elephant, buffalo, and antelopes
  • Tree planting program
  • Conservation research and education program
  • Lobbying and awareness in the community on wildlife
  • Initiating wildlife conservation activities
  • Develop the protected areas
  • the education of wildlife and strengthening environmental school clubs on conservation