This program gives interns the opportunities to have an experience of education and teach in Kenya. Educational interns work in primary, secondary, post-secondary and private institutions.

An international internship in education in Kenya is a fantastic way to prepare for a career as a principal, teacher, librarian, or educational administrator. By spending time in another country and getting to know a new system of curriculum and teaching, you will have a new frame of reference. Educational policy and school structure are constantly changing, and getting a global perspective will make you a more qualified and marketable educator.

The role of an Education intern is to assist local educators by supporting and promoting learning in the classroom

Past interns have taught or co-taught classes as well as assisted with curriculum development, implemented teaching strategies, conducted educational outreach activities in the community, and tutored students and their families. Many interns work in English language education, though interns with a background in a specific field and proficiency in the local language may also work in other subjects.

If you are an Education major and are required to complete a student teaching semester, our Education internship can be customized to meet your university’s requirements.

Interns will access and learn about materials used in the classroom, such as books, manuals, technologies, tests, lab equipment, etc. Interns will participate in routine activities with their mentor teachers such as cafeteria and hall duties, study halls, faculty meetings, department meetings, and in-service workshops.

Their classroom-skills training, language awareness training and observed teaching practices in local schools give participants the knowledge, skills and confidence to be effective teachers