We host adult running camps throughout the year and private groups for schools, running clubs or groups of friends

The Kenya Experience camps are 4-week Running Holidays which are suitable for runners of all levels. The training schedules are designed to give guests an authentic taste of running ‘The Kenyan way’ but always tailored to individual abilities and experiences by our coaching team. 

The camps are about more than just running and as well as guided runs, coached workouts and practical workshops we will also have Coaching Seminars, Q&A’s and visits to local athlete homes and training camps.  The Kenya Experience program is designed to give you insider access into the world of Kenyan running.

Programs are specifically designed to give high college and school student-athletes an opportunity for a real-life, community-based learning experience. The program fosters a respect for the people, history, and cultures present while also allowing athletes of any ability the opportunity to train. Staffed by professional coaches, athletes, and seasoned travelers, we not only understand what it takes to train at an elite level, but we ensure that each participant has a unique and meaningful experience. Train at high altitude along beautiful dirt roads at over 7800 ft (2400 m) and learn from your fellow interns, leaders and world-class Kenya runners how to take your athletics to the next level.

We can help you get the best out of your training, by advising you on your training program, getting private Kenyan pacemakers for you, or by introducing you to a group of Kenyan athletes, in order to train with them. You can either follow your own program or ask us to design a program for you.

Seminars and discussions with coaches

Our coaching team will host seminars and Q&A’s to teach you everything you need to know about Kenyan running and training methods. As well as the formal seminar sessions you will also have multiple opportunities to discuss your training and all other topics with the coaches throughout the camp on a more informal basis.

Sports Education for Primary and secondary schools in Kenya

The Sports Education program is designed for people who wish to work with children and in schools but not necessarily all their time teaching in a classroom. The sports Education program consists of volunteers working in local schools and orphanages to broaden children‟s knowledge of sports, teach foreign sports and games to the children, and educate on general fitness, health, and wellbeing in addition to taking general lessons at the school. It is up to the volunteer to plan lessons and design the teaching of their sports program.

Children are EXTREMELY enthusiastic and willing to learn, however past volunteer have found it important to be prepared if they are to teach the children foreign concepts and ideas (such as a new sport). If a volunteer wishes to do this, it’s important to plan ahead and often bring the required materials themselves as most of them are not available in the school due to resource challenges to purchasing them. Being a sports volunteer is an extremely rewarding and exciting way to spend your volunteering experience. Sport can bring communities together, contribute to healthier individuals, provide fun as a distraction from the harsh realities that surround some children and teach communities valuable lessons in teamwork, leadership, and discipline.

As a volunteer in sport, you can also provide an opportunity to engage children in health education and provide a focus that takes them away from having to resort to peer pressure activities as a means to pass their time. As a sports volunteer, you can help to fulfill some of these experiences by teaching in schools and orphanages, coaching teams, creating organized activities and passing on your personal experience and knowledge and this will develop their mental and physical capacities through personal motivation and kinship.