Eden junior learning center is located in Kirinyaga county of Mount Kenya region. Is two-hour drive from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The Centre is at village called Thiba which has a typical Kenya rural setup. Thiba village is one of the villages that make up Mwea irrigation settlement scheme. The scheme was established by the Kenyan government purposely to settle down the squatters who were rendered homeless after the great struggle for independence in Kenya. The majority of these squatters were actually the families of the Kenya freedom fighters- the ‘mau-mau’. The squatter depending in working in the paddy fields as casual laborer’s or their livelihood.

Eden junior learning Centre is run by a Christian couple – evangelist Stephen kimani and his wife Nancy, together with a group of very dedicated casual labourers who aw the need for providing basic education for school-going children who come from poor families among the squatters and the Thiba community in general. The entre has a population f over 80 children aged 3-10 years and six workers.

Learning facilities

The Centre is built on less than ¼ acre land. It has semi-permanent structures composed of 5 classroom and store-built of timber and iron sheets mud house for teachers, 3 pit latrines and a water tap whose untreated water comes direct from rice field canal.

Main challenges:

  1. Inadequate space or expansion: lack of playground etc.
  2. L ck of permanent building structures such as classroom ablution block, a kitchen, an office, store, staff quarters and dormitories.
  3. Lack of adequate teaching and learning materials such as text books, computers and other teaching aids
  4. Inadequate teachers and support staff
  5. Lack of transport system e.g. motor cycle and school van/ bus
  6. Lack of clean drinking water and water reservoirs e.g. water tanks.
  7. Insecurity- lack of a perimeter wall/fence
  8. Lack of a school hall or tents which can be pitched to hold meetings under.
  9. Lak of adequate furniture
  10. Lack of a school feeing programme (SFP), some children carry food from home while those without share from friends.
  11. School uniform- some learners/ pupils do not have full school uniform: They were home clothes.
  12. Orphaned children widowed and sing to parents are among Eden junior learning Centre fraternity.