Once you arrive in Nairobi we will:


  1. Meet you at the airport (or bus station) and transport you to Nakuru by private bus. You may need to spend the night in Nairobi for logistical reasons (e.g. if you arrive late in the day). If this occurs, we will arrange your accommodation in Nairobi and cover the cost of this (and your meal that night).
  2. Book your first night's accommodation in Nakuru at a local hotel (where you will be able to meet other volunteers).
  3. Provide a one day orientation course (see below). This course will cover the basics about living and working in Nakuru and will include a trip to a local store to purchase mobile telephones/local sim cards if required).
  4. Provide you with contact details for our Youths Organization staff.
  5. Deliver you to your host family after orientation (and check up on you within the first 5 days to make sure that you are comfortable).