Tourists riding on an elephant

Eco volunteering program is tailored for individuals to gain practical experience in the field of ecological conservation and primate. The scope of Kenya’s many National Game parks is vast, encompassing some amazing natural landscapes and flora and fauna, including endangered species. Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the wellbeing of the local people through low impact tourism enterprise Visitors can experience unique landscapes, diversity of wildlife and the Maasai culture. Campsites also act as education hubs where tourists and locals exchange scientific and indigenous knowledge, leading to conservation innovations.

If you love nature, forestry, or veterinary work, volunteering with the Youth Organization For International Volunteers-Kenya will be an exceptional experience. You can come as part of organized foreign volunteers, as a foreign student, or as an individual international volunteer and interact with the wildlife officials and the animals, where you will work on conservancy efforts and rescue initiatives for endangered species.

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