The cultural exchange programs aim at giving a real African lifestyle experience to the Clients.

Kenyan tribes like the Maasai and Turkana have coexisted with wild animals for hundreds of years without any conflict. For example, if a lion eats a goat or a cow belonging to someone from these tribes, then the lions understand that there will be consequences or revenge killings. This means that the lions have learned over all these years not to kill or feast on domesticated animals.

The clients under this program will live with the local people in the villages and do everything that the locals do for a few days. They will eat and sleep on the same or hut as their hosts, they will accompany them to the farms to harvest crops or graze the animals. The clients will milk the cows and feed animals just like their hosts. The clients will eat the same food with their hosts.

The clients will dance by the fire and laugh at the African jokes by the fire at night with under the sky full of stars.

This is the real true African experience.

Clients will spend their first 2 nights in Nairobi and enjoy the city a bit, where they will experience the good and posh life before heading into the villages for at least a week of real African Adventure


The Programme is tailor-made for the needs of the visiting persons or institutions. It runs for a period of between one to 12 weeks. It includes academic programmes, field visits, service learning projects, cultural exchange programme and a safari to leading game parks and game reserves in Kenya.

Objectives of the Cultural Programme:

  • To provide an enabling environment for cultural exchange
  • To provide an academic atmosphere for interactive learning through lectures, travel, observation, and participation.
  • To provide an opportunity for international students and volunteers to meet and interact with some of the most experienced African Scholars.
  • To provide an atmosphere for a better understanding of African issues through experience and first-hand information.

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