Adult and children tourist in a farm in Kenya

Duties and Responsibilities

An intern at this level will work under a senior and more experienced officer in the performance of their duties pertaining to the directorate; Specific duties and responsibilities will entail collecting agricultural engineering field data for verification and analysis; conducting survey for engineering works; carrying out preliminary design of agricultural engineering works; carrying out repairs and maintenance of machines and equipment; and conducting on-farm trials and demonstrations.

Key Responsibilities

  • Planning and implementing crop production programs and harvest processes.
  • Work with head agronomist for all crop protection and nutrition programs.
  • Involvement in farm operations.
  • Control the production forecasts to meet markets demands and strategic plans.
  • Manage propagation procedures.
  • Full control of the production process for quality and markets’ conforming products.
  • Observe full levels of ethical, environmental and Food Safety standards.
  • Understanding of internal audits on various standards.
  • Preparation and facilitating of various farm schedules.
  • Monitoring farms planting programs to meet the commercial requirements.
  • Allocate crops to plant in different sites depending on the climatic conditions.
  • Develop picking structures in the fields.
  • Develop a skilled workforce for the field’s production units.
  • Prepare and review job descriptions for field staff
  • Managing a team of pickers and field workers.
  • For appointment to the above position, a candidate must have:-
  • Bachelors of Science degree in any of the following disciplines:- Agriculture; Agronomy; Agribusiness Management and Enterprise Development; Agribusiness Management; Agribusiness; Agricultural Economics and Rural Development; Agricultural Extension and Education; Agricultural Marketing; Agricultural Resource Management; Agriculture and Extension; Agriculture and Home Economics; Agriculture and Human Ecology; Agriculture Economics; Crop Protection; Dry-land Resource Management; Dry-land Agriculture and Enterprise Development; Farm Management; Home Economics; Horticulture; Food Science and Technology or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution; and
  • Certificate in Computer applications from a recognized institution.