We believe a robust quality assurance programme is important to operate a successful volunteer organization. We would like to tell you a little bit about the steps that we take as part of this programme. All of our home stays are assessed in accordance with a rigorous checklist of minimum standards that we require (covering cleanliness, location, home facilities, fluency in English and number of people in the home for example). If you encounter any problems within the first 5 days of your stay, we will re-locate you. Because the majority of our programmes have been operating for a number of years (with partner organizations that we know very well), we also have complete confidence in the operation of those programmes and we know that volunteers will have meaningful experiences at each programme.

That said, each programme that we offer has been assessed (in person) by 2 members of Youths Organization, including at least 1 member of our Volunteer Committee (see below). These assessors have made sure that the programmes offered are genuine so that volunteer time will not be wasted.

The management of Youths Organization has established a Volunteers Committee (comprised of 4 former volunteers). The committee works closely with management to advice on issues affecting the organization and volunteers. The focus of the committee is to represent the wishes of past, present and future volunteers in key decisions made by the organization. The committee also helps with complaints and queries from volunteers and assesses volunteer feedback at the end of every placement. Hopefully this will give you confidence that you will be well looked after by Youths Organization