History of The Organization

Youths Organization for International Volunteers was established in Kenya on April 2008 as a community-based organization and registered as an international NGO in September 2010.

A number of grassroots organizations in Nakuru and Thika counties (including Kenya Youths Against Gender Violence Programme (“KYAGVP” the founding organization) felt that an international NGO needed to be established for the following reasons:

  1. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of people in need in Nakuru (Nakuru suffered from post-election violence after the 2007/2008 presidential elections);
  1. We felt that more specialists were required in some projects and programmes (for example, in the medical field, the Sexual and Domestic Violence Programme and the Environmental Conservation Programme);
  1. We identified a need for volunteers with new skills in order to offer experience, encouragement and social support to those in need;
  1. As an international NGO, we felt we would be able to better accomplish our specific objectives. We would like to take a moment to tell you a bit more about our registration process. We are very much a grassroots organization; the key organizations that we partner with and our local staffs are all long-standing members of the community that have been working on the ground in Kenya for many years. As already noted, we felt we could accomplish more like an internationally registered NGO and began the registration process with the Kenyan Government in 2010. As an international NGO (as opposed to a national NGO), we are able to better network internationally with other volunteer organizations, carry out our programmes internationally (for example, we were considering expanding our HIV/AIDS Programme to Sudan) and send 2 representatives to the Government’s regular NGO meetings in Nairobi where we can learn what is happening with other NGOs in Kenya 


To create a self-sufficient society by delivering targeted social services, education and life skills. 


To deliver, and facilitate the delivery of, quality social services to the community in a focused, efficient and effective manner through a participatory and collaborative approach. 

Core Values

  1. Transparency and accountability to the community we are serving.
  2. Quality service to the community
  3. Teamwork.
  4.  Self-sufficiency.

Founder Members of the Organization:

  • Tom Kinyanjui Ngigi - Programs Director
  • Peter Kamau Kariuki - Volunteer Placement Director
  • James Maingi Wambua – Project Coordinator